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What I’ve Been Thrifting Lately

What I’ve Been Thrifting Lately 

As it starts to warm up, I’ve been having so much fun getting out and about scouring estate sales and vintage stores in Vancouver to bring you fun, sustainable and unique new-to-you vintage items. Here are a few of the items and trends that have caught my eye lately. I hope you’ll stop by the store or peruse our website to check them out! 

What You Can Find In Our Vintage Store In Vancouver

Here is a list of some of the products that might interest you. If something catches your eye, they are all available on our website. 

Vintage Poufs

Vintage poufs are a fun and sustainable way to add a little character to your space without needing to rearrange or purchase big pieces of furniture. Most of our vintage poufs are made out of upcycled vintage rugs using natural vegetable dyes, making them not just beautiful but environmentally friendly as well. 

We’ve noticed that people are using them in such versatile ways - from using them as ottomans to adding extra seating. We realize this isn’t for everyone but our favorite look right now is getting rid of big, clunky sofas and coffee tables and creating cozy lounge spaces with a variety of colourful poufs, plush blankets, and soft rugs. You won’t believe the variety of treasures you will find in our vintage store in Vancouver.

Vintage Store In Vancouver


Vintage Rattan

I’ve been noticing that the 80s are back in full force. Customers tell me that they want to add a pop of 80s style to their decor without going overboard, and a thrift store in Vancouver is a great place to start looking. To meet this demand, I’ve been thrifting more unique rattan pieces that can be used as statement pieces to create an interesting focal point, since rattan is so easy to incorporate into your existing decor. 

I’m especially loving this vintage rattan swivel chair and matching ottoman and this rattan headboard that will add a subtle coastal vibe to your bedroom. But my favorite has to be this super rare vintage blue rattan shelf! I’d never seen anything like it before and had to snatch it up for our vintage shop in Vancouver! 

Thrift Store Vancouver

Vintage Lamps

I’ve been pretty excited to find eclectic, vintage lamps on some of my sourcing trips. You can really change the feel of a room with just one unique lamp - whether it’s adding colour with this retro blue desk lamp or drawing the eye with this larger floor lamp. You’ll be surprised how much one lamp can change the vibe of your space! 

Lamp at a Vintage Store In Vancouver

Vintage Glassware

We’ve added lots of vintage glassware to our vintage store in Vancouver as I just couldn’t resist picking them up! This season, I’ve really been drawn to the variety of tinted and frosted glass that make glassware sets so unique and retro. I love picking up retro glassware sets like these amber liquor glasses or these green-tinted beer glasses. Just picture kicking back with a glass of your favorite beverage and being transported to a bygone era while unwinding after a busy day. 

Vintage Store In Vancouver

Smaller Decorative Vintage Items

For those that aren’t ready to commit to statement pieces or focal points, smaller decorative items can bring so much joy and interest to a space. Some pieces that have gotten snatched up quickly in my vintage shop have been this vintage Italian green jewelry box, this decorative figurine, and these adorable vintage salt and pepper shakers. These smaller decorative vintage pieces are a great way to create small moments of joy throughout your home.

Amazing Selection In Our Vintage Store In Vancouver

These are just a few of the items we’ve been thrifting lately. We’re thrilled to find such a wide variety of vintage items so you can dip your toe into the vintage decor world with small decorative items or jump into the deep end with larger statement furniture pieces. 

Vintage is a fun way to mix and match styles while ensuring that we’re shopping in a sustainable way to protect our environment (and is often budget-friendly too!). If you have any questions or hesitations about how to incorporate vintage pieces into your existing decor, just give us a shout at and we’re happy to assist! 

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