Handmade and Vintage Pieces in Vancouver

Handmade and Vintage Pieces in Vancouver

Handmade and Vintage Pieces in Vancouver

As a collector and seller of handmade and vintage pieces in Vancouver, I come across a lot of unique items. But there are a few that stand out to me. Pieces that I daydream about years after they’ve gone to their new homes (and even one that I just couldn’t part with!). 

Top Five Favorite Vintage Finds

Here are my top five favorite vintage finds. I hope you’ll share with me what your favorite Alma Home & Vintage pieces have been, and what you want to see more of! 

1- Vintage 8-Track Headboard 

This vintage 8-track headboard set is a super rare find and you simply don’t see pieces made like this anymore. This velvet/velour upholstered headboard comes with built-in lamps and speakers, and even has matching nightstands to complete your bedroom transformation. 

Just picture leaning against the plush upholstery while being enveloped in your favorite music. This was my first time sourcing something this unique, and I’m so glad to have snatched it up for our vintage shop in Vancouver. I can’t wait to see this in its new home! 

Vintage pieces in Vancouver

2- Vintage Arched Mirror

This large arched mirror is one of the vintage pieces I instantly fell in love with, and one I just couldn’t let go of! It hangs above my mantel and brings me joy every day when I walk into my living room. Don’t worry - I kept this one for myself but I always have lots of mirrors in our vintage store in Vancouver

Vintage mirrors are a simple yet impactful way to accent a room. From 80s beveled mirrors, to vintage mod mirrors with sleek black frames, to antique mirrors with ornate gold detailing, I’ve loved them all. I hope you’ll reach out if you need tips on adding a vintage mirror to your space as they can be quite the statement piece! 

Miror vintage piece

3- Vintage Three-Tiered Bamboo Plant Stand

If you follow me on Instagram (@almahomevintage) you’ll know that I’m a huge plant lover. If I see a plant that speaks to me, I’m grabbing it (and maybe even naming it). And more often than not, they never make it to my shop and live happily in various parts of my home. 

I do, however, always have plenty of plant stands in our vintage shop in Vancouver. From versatile wooden plant stands that can double as stools, to white rattan plant stands for a bohemian look, you can never have too many. The one that I was most sad to let go has to be this three-tiered bamboo plant stand. It adds so much interest with its varying heights, and folds into one for compact storage when not in use. 

Though I had a hard time letting it go, it was definitely worth seeing how happy it made my customer who is now enjoying it in their home! 

Vintage piece

4- Vintage Wassily Chair

When I saw these Wassily chair reproductions, I almost squealed with excitement. Originally inspired by a bicycle frame, these chairs are the perfect combination of comfort and style. The chrome frame creates a sturdy sculptural structure, while the leather provides ergonomic, comfortable seating. An authentic Wassily chair can cost thousands of dollars, so these vintage reproductions are a great way to incorporate unique, stylish and affordable conversation pieces to your decor. 

5- Vintage Rugs 

Vintage rugs are an easy and sustainable way to add visual interest to any space. The rugs we carry in our vintage shop in Vancouver range from small accent rugs to large Moroccan area rugs and long Turkish runners - all handmade with care. Customers are often surprised to learn that despite their vibrant hues and playful designs, many of these rugs are made using natural vegetable dyes, making them an environmentally friendly option. 

From bright fuschias to muted neutrals, we have a wide selection of vintage rugs that will allow you to add pops of color or a hint of boho to your space. 

vintage piece

Handmade and Vintage Pieces in Vancouver

These are just a handful of the unique vintage pieces that have made my heart sing. The thrill of picking up an incredibly rare find to feature at our vintage store in Vancouver is only matched by the fulfillment I feel when I see a customer take one of these vintage pieces home. I always love seeing how you style your vintage purchases, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you can! 

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