How to Style a Room with Vintage Furniture and Decorative Items

How to Style a Room with Vintage Furniture and Decorative Items

How to Style a Room with Vintage Furniture and Decorative Items

I’ve heard from some of you that you love the look of vintage furniture and decorative items but you can’t quite envision how to style them in your homes. One of my favorite things about vintage furniture is that they often add a touch of retro vibes or a subtle boho feel to a room without overpowering your existing decor. 

Can you spot the vintage pieces in this photo? 


Vintage furniture


Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are one of my favorite ways to change up the look and feel of a room. If you walked into this room you wouldn’t necessarily know off the bat that this Persian rug is vintage. It has all the makings of a trendy, modern rug - rich red hues, interesting patterns, and fringe detailing. But this piece is not only vintage, it’s handmade from wool using natural vegetable dyes so you can elevate your space in a sustainable way. 

Vintage Rattan Side Table

Rattan has seen a big boost in popularity lately. I love anything rattan as it adds a subtle 80s or coastal vibe with a neutral tone that meshes well with any space. Rattan pieces also often have versatile designs like this side table featured below. You can use it as a table, a plant stand or even a standalone decorative piece adorned with other mementos you want to showcase. 



Vintage Arm Chairs

If you want a vintage piece that is both functional and a statement, arm chairs are a great addition. These Cassina arm chairs were made in Italy and add a sophisticated and retro vibe to our living room. Purchasing chairs of this quality today would cost a fortune so we recommend scouring your local vintage shops and scooping up unique, high-end pieces when you come across them. Sometimes your vintage finds will need a little TLC to bring them back to their former glory. Or if you’re lucky, you’ll find comfortable, soft leather chairs like these in mint condition! 

Vintage Coffee Table

I spent a few months without a coffee table as I liked how open it made our living room look and feel. But without anywhere to set down a glass or book, convenience won in the end. Enter this adorable low profile vintage coffee table. One perk of buying vintage furniture is that you’ll find a wider variety of shapes and sizes as they reflect the trends throughout the years. Another added bonus is how unique vintage pieces can be, and this vintage coffee table is the perfect example with its hand-carved details and interesting legs. 



Vintage Coffee Table Books 

We love subtle details that tie a room together, and vintage coffee table books are an easy and affordable option to show your personality and interests, especially for those who aren’t ready to purchase bigger vintage pieces and furniture. A trick I’ve learned while sourcing is that vintage books often have a removable cover hiding fabric binding. Try removing the cover to reveal the beautiful binding of a vintage book, especially if you like neutrals as many of these books are white or cream. 

If you’ve been eyeing a vintage piece or want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start, stop by our vintage shop in Vancouver and we’ll walk you through how to incorporate vintage pieces into your current decor! 

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